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Zeekler Penny Auctions

What Are Zeekler Penny Auctions?

Zeekler Penny Auctions

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There are a number of Penny Auction sites which have become common nowadays such as QuiBids.com, Swoopo.com, and BidCactus.com. You must have seen a popup Ads when surfing the internet that show how a laptop or an iPad was sold for a very low price of say $12.00.

These ads are supposed to be regulated by the FTC to prove that that Sale really took place. I tried to research about this and I found out that these deals do take place over and over almost every day on the Penny Auction Sites. Welcome to our Penny Auction site known as Zeekler Penny Auction Shopping Site.

So How Do Penny Auction Work?

To participate in an online penny auction you simply need to register and then Purchase a Small Pack of Bids. Most of these bids normally sell for around $.50 each and in increments. After this is where you get to the auction scene and here you will see items that tend to be selling very fast and at mind-bogglingly cheap prices. A good example is a $100 gift card could be selling for 16¢ and a $150 knife set for $1.82.

There is normally a clock which displays a countdown in seconds which shows the time remaining before these insane deals are gone for good. As soon as another bid appears, 20 Seconds are added to the auction countdown and if no other bid appears during the 20 second span and the countdown gets to zero seconds, the auction closes and the high bidder wins the item. In these times of recession, this can be a great adrenaline rush for the winners as well as the bidders.

Free Bids in Penny Auctions

Zeekler Penny Auctions

Penny Auction Canberra

Zeekler penny Auctions Site have free bids which are also known as “Sample Bids”. These are normally used for marketing and are given out for free to any new potential customers so as to try and sample the Zeekler Penny Auction Site.

When the bidding on Zeekler site begins and the first bid is say $.01 (which is the minimum bid price), each time a bid is placed, a 20-Second clock starts counting downwards and if it reaches zero, and you have spent one of your Zeekler Free Bids or Even Purchased Bids on this Item in the Penny Auction, and you were the last person to place your bid, then you’ve won at the Product at the last Bid Price and it’s yours!

If for example you have 25 people bidding on an item, using the Zeekler free bids, or purchased bids, to try to win the item. In case you are the last one to bet, no matter whether you have used the free Zeekler sample bids or the purchased bids… you win the item at that price shown.

So for example if you have used 10 Zeekler Free Bids, and when the clock reached zero the price was at $85, then you have easily won yourself a $630.00 Apple iPad for $85.00. That is simply how the site works.

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