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What Is Empower Network Review?

empower networkWhat is Empower Network Review – truly to be honest since October 2011 this MLM company has wiped the floor with the amount of affiliates that have fallen over each other to join the Empower Network.  So what is the draw card why are so many affiliates happy to have made the move to the fastest growing MLM marketing company that has taken the industry by storm.

Firstly the founders of Empower Network the 2 Daves which make up the company David Wood and David Sharpe are really unlikely CEO’s and both have their own rags to riches story to tell.  Dave Wood how he was travelling around the countryside in a beat up green kombi van living a hand mouth existence, knowing that he could be a internet marketer if only he found a company that saw his own goals and vision.  How he sent his wife off to work so that he could perfect money making on the internet.

And then there is the other Dave, Dave Sharpe who left home at 13 years became a father as a teenager at 16 yrs and then to turn to drugs and alcohol before someone introduced him to internet marketing and then he met up with Dave Wood who mentored and coached him to success.

What is Empower Network Review all about?

Long story short, together in a hotel room they wrote down their business plan on back of a serviette so the plan was simple.  It was to build a platform that had a built in sales funnel and that when the affiliates got someone to join they would be paid 100% commission less admin costs etc.  The affiliates themselves buy the courses and who ever sponsored them gets a commission.  Probably the only catch that seems a little difficult to understand if the affiliate joins and stays on the lead in product – a blogging course and whoever they signed up decides to buy the next course up (meaning a little more expensive) the current sponsor is not entitled to this commission it goes to the original sponsor.

The way that this can be over come is when the affiliate gets committed and goes “all” in meaning that they buy the whole suite of courses and that means that they would then take full advantage of any commissions that their down line brings in.

The system works very well with regular doses of weekly calls and also the dedicated Facebook page keeping everyone especially the newcomers updated with any news and events coming up.

Talking about what is Empower network review and has the industry buzzing is the San Diego conference where they expect over 3,000 members to turn up.  The presentations is like the Emmy awards where the top marketers are presented with insane amounts of money in the shape of an over sized cheque.  Not only that even newcomers are in the running to earn a bucket full of cash that has all newcomers biting at the bit to sign up new people for their courses.

I really do think that there will be more chapters written where normal folk will read about what is Empower Network Review all about and will decide to join and see for themselves what a well thought of and inclusive affiliate program that will help the everyday affiliate perhaps make their first money online.

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