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Video Marketing Made Easy

Video Marketing Made Easy

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Made Easy

Today what may surprise many people to know that YouTube is now ranked no# 3 on Alexa behind the leaders Google and Facebook.

What is more mind blowing is that YouTube get’s around 26M visitors every day with 2 billion views each and every day.

As more facts come to light they say that people spend more time daily on YouTube that they do watching TV.

Other positives are that video converts over 800% over the site that only has text.  This information should have you reaching to record your message ASAP!

It allows people to brand themselves and therefore build

A better relationship with their viewers.

What is the key to getting your videos seen by more eyeballs?

 Have an eye-catching title

  • Ensure that you have you place your site in the description
  • Remember always to include a call to action
  • Videos also need to be optimized using your keywords

Tips to create popular videos for video marketing

  •  Be very careful of company names that are used – yes they are popular but could end you up in hot water.
  • Remember what your mother said if you can’t say something nice about industry Leaders it is better not said at all
  • Reviews of products or systems are very popular
  • Use of generic keywords for example MLM, Leads & Recruiting
  • Other ideas when writing about  the internet industry is by knowing what is new in the field and this can come from a site called mashable.com which will list things that are popular or news about the industry.

More Ideas can be found on similar sites that are industry leaders like MLMRankins.com

Check that you have included On Page Optimization

Before uploading check that you have:

The title that you have chosen has your keywords in it.  Spend sometime looking at keywords that will be easier for you to rank for as a rule of thumb the searches on Google adwords should be under 100,000.  Check the keywords in Google see how many pages are list with the “keywords” in brackets.

In the description write another 1-3 paragraphs that include similar meaning keywords that you will also try to rank for.

Off Page Video Optimization

You will often notice that videos will rank extremely fast, its not uncommon for the videos to out rank normal print in many cases.

To work on getting you’re videos seen you will now need to get cracking  video marketing.  You will be given an URL to create links to the particular video and there are many free video-submitting services that are around.

Using services like tribe pro and onlywire will promote your video quickly and you can also link your blog back to the video.

Once the video is created use it in blogs and place on Facebook.  Virtually anywhere to give you more eyeballs on your video that will lead people back to whatever you are promoting.