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home officeI must admit that when I started to work from home after many years doing a 9-5 job it felt very different because you have taken away that routine – the one we all have where we go to bed at a certain time and then you get woken up by the alarm clock.

Taking that away well I felt a little like a fish out of water and although its great to feel that you no longer need to:

– get up at a certain time
– battle the traffic
– feel sad on Sunday as Monday is around the corner

How I remember one time where there was a train and bus strike meaning that I would need to get up at sparrow time to try and beat that traffic only thing is everyone had the same idea! I achieved nothing that day and all I could do is sit in my car on a road that was taking me nowhere. I arrived very very late in fact on that morning it took nearly 4 hours to get in and back from work that very day.

Getting back to let’s talk on what you should do to help you prepare for the transition.

  • One of the first things is to prepare the office space so it doesn’t look like a spare room and it actually looks like an office. That means getting shelving up, binders, copier/scanner.
  • Get rid of the clutter to me a messy office clutters the brain and from year of working in a government department it was always a clear desk policy before you went home.
  • Decide your work hours because what I have found though my own experience if you don’t do this the whole day will be lost and you would not of achieved the things you needed to do.
  • Ensure that people in your household are aware that you are working and not there to give a hand with the garden or go to the tip to dump the rubbish etc.
  • Look after your own health to do this you need to apply simple OH&S principles. Have a walk around every 60 minutes do some stretches go out side to stretch your legs. Ensure you are sitting the right distance from the computer screen.
  • I love music I find this motivating no words those or I lose my train of thought. The selection is varied from jazz to classical so this is just playing in the background.
  • Still to this day I do a to do list and work the hours 9-3 Mon to Thursday a handy tip is that you clump things together so if you ring overseas you do one call after the other. If its emails get your VA to prioritize them this way it will save you time.
  • I do not open Facebook until the end of the day as I found if you open it in the am you would lose focus and it was a time thief!

Hope these simple tips you find are helpful – they helped me get over that lost feeling I first felt when I left work. Of course I am fully over that now and enjoy the freedom of working from home, which is stress free (nearly always) no more traffic jams and of course I get to see my family and my little dog Gemma each and every day.

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