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The Law Of Attraction Are Your Turning People OFF!

The Law Of Attraction I was reading with interest a book on motivation and it went on to say how everyone has a story to tell but unfortunately the world is so dysfunctional that over half the population has the same story!

So really no one gives a fig about your story, as it is no longer unique.

When you tell stories such as my parents are alcoholics, I was beaten, bullied, no one loves me, I am poor, broke, bankrupt etc. etc. is that the person you are telling this to is mentally thinking that is me….so what!

We at times get caught up with OUR story that we re-live it every time we tell it to someone new but all you are doing is to reliving the scene and nothing changes.

What you are doing is attracting those same signals saying I am hurt and still in pain and you don’t move on from this feeling so every things remains the same.

You are repelling those people around and especially if you are looking for love. No one else other than YOU is in charge of your happiness. Of course you deserve to be happy then start to think happy thoughts.


Do a spot check in the moment asking yourself what is my mood now how am I feeling? If you are living in the past replaying your story over and over you need to change the channel.

Then what I can hear you say is how do I do that?…you switch the channel stop replaying YOUR story over and over as it rehashes the same images in your mind and you do this by listening music, walking, laughing at funny movies. Look at a child or animal and how they love unconditionally warm loving feelings wash over you.

You need to spend time loving and appreciating YOU before others will start seeing you for who you really are.