Technology is killing our relationships

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Today one of the things that stands out for me when talking to clients is that they are time poor, overworked without any free time or escape from technology. I think it’s rather sad the one thing that we were told that  would make things easier for us is now dominating any down time that we may have away from desk.

The addiction we have to technology is every bit as damaging as drug addiction and the effect that it has on families, personal relationships and communication with each other. Never before have we seen so many lonely people that instead of getting involved in life are reaching out online to complete strangers trying to connect to make lasting relationships.

The breakdown in the family unit started with having the child sit glued to the television and watching colourful animated children’s programs that has now continued into the car where no longer we interact with the children with songs and games this now has been replaced in car trips that have iPads stuck to the back of the car seat all aimed at entertainment keep the child quiet and with no interaction between the front seat to the back.

Today instead of developing normally the child today is not stimulated socially.

What is the answer then how do we stop the decay of our social structure so we do not end up raising children that have trouble looking you in the eye or making conversation and interacting in groups.

The answer is simple we go back to the basics we had and limited time on technology and concentrate on the things that matter most to us, families, relationships and communicating and making new contacts.

Ways to limit technology

  • Limit the amount of times you check emails and social media – the ideal would be in the am, lunchtime mid afternoon
  • Do not sleep with the iPhone beside your bed leave it in another bedroom away from easy reach?
  • Join something that you are interested in. Learn to paint, try a new sport, dance, exercise, travel or perhaps even donate your time to help others.
  • Make it a rule that no phones over dinner use the time to connect with your family find out what’s going on in their lives or you will have them grow up and leave as strangers.
  • Rather than text someone pick up the phone to talk to them, develop better relationships this way.

Only when you have a routine to limit technology will you claw back time for yourself and then after limiting your time you will become more creative. Learn to have fun again the simple things of life can make you the happiest. Even talking a walk outside and marvelling at nature will lift your spirits.

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