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[podcast] MOBE Skills Gives Back to the CommunityHi everyone am Jenny Jordan. I just want to take a minute of your time to talk about 2013 and what it meant to me personally. The reason why am saying that is because online we get contacted a lot by people that are from third world countries and you need to make a judgment call there and then whether you can start to engage or whether it’s a scam or whatever. But there are these occasions when I connected with a couple of guys in Kenya, Ghana and also Pakistan.

These people have brought so much love and joy to my life you can never imagine. For example one of the Ghana guys is a university graduate. I always try to tease them a little bit just to make sure they don’t just want to get money from you. And this guy said yea I will do whatever it takes and so on.

So I sent him an assignment in PDF format and when I got back to him after a week I was very disappointed because he said that he hadn’t done it.

I thought I had made a wrong judgment call about him and I asked him why he had not done the assignment and he said that “Well, because I don’t have a computer.” So I asked him how he was doing his university assignment and he said he used his mobile phone. That really affected me to know that there is someone who has no access to what I take for granted like a computer, iPhone, iPad, and so on, and here is a guy doing his work on the mobile phone.

To cut the long story short, I managed to get a computer over to him. I texted him and told him he had to be at the post office and when he received it he told me “Jenny, that was the happiest day of my life.” That affected me greatly to think that something simple and giving back to people can really change their life. After doing that for him, right now he is learning internet marketing and I am teaching him skills.

I also got another contact through Facebook and this guy was very well spoken. We started talking and he was from Kenya and what he wanted to do was to make money online. What I didn’t know is that he is also a very talented author and writer and he writes very wonderful articles.

I have actually taken him in and he is part of my VA team. But he is more than that. For instance when I wanted some project done and it was taken long I asked him, “Hey what’s up? I need this done now” and he said “Jenny over here the internet is so slow and I have to wait so that I can get the files you sent me etc.” But it was something simple that I could do for him.

I sent him money so that he can get the fastest internet connection so that he could do the jobs for me with ease. Although it is a bit expensive it is worth it for me to get the jobs done and he can also use it for his studies – I get more from it actually. I am included in their family virtually. Like his mother owns a shop over in Kenya and she asks when I will go to Kenya. I will make 2014 my trip to Africa.

There is also another guy that joined the program that you are watching. He is awesome and very determined and he falls down and I pick him up. His determination is great and he is the kind of person that works until they can’t work anymore. This brings me back to my Pakistan guy.

It is the same thing for him and he actually wants to learn English. So I have been spending type talking with him on Skype and he said he will come to Australia and he will stay with me. The reason he will be coming is because of studies and while he will be studying he will also be learning Internet marketing.

So this internet business is huge and it can reach out to people and you can touch their lives. That is what I love and it is what motivates me to wake up and work. When I see emails from them and the love and how much it affects their family it makes me feel I have accomplished something. So the skills you learn online goes much deeper than internet marketing because people are what matters. Helping out is not just about giving out money.

They want to be able to learn and to earn. Perhaps with me going to Africa, I might be able to help groups of people who may want to learn skills so that they may have a lot to offer people online. I wish the best for you and I hope 2013 was a great year for you. 2014 – Let’s rock this planet. Click the link below and come and join me.

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