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It Takes 5 Years to GROW Bamboo – Will It Take You That Long to Break Through?

Many people would see that if we go out to the garden day in day out to water, weed and feed a patch of dirt where outsiders can not see anything at all for all the work we do would say that we are watering a piece of dirt and think that we are crazy!

They do not know when the bamboo breaks through the ground at the 5 year mark it can shoot up 10-12 feet in one day!

BUT those close to us ridicule or don’t support us when we are also working below ground level knowing what we are doing to split test and try different things in our business to succeed where others see we are wasting our time and failing and this is when it’s hard to not to quit when the dream stealers decide to attack you on what they see is NOT happening.

Many people struggling in both online and offline businesses who can not afford to wait 5 years until their business breaks through the ground and succeeds they will not have the cashflow problems to support the business and survive let alone have any advertising to bring new customers in.

There are many things you can do at this point you can curl into a ball and wish and prey it will turn out ok OR you can get help from someone that can turn your problems into a cashflow business. You may need cashflow in a short amount of time and either of these programs mentioned below will have cash coming in time after time.

You will find no easy button as there is work involved BUT most of the hard work has been done for you NOW it’s your turn!


Jenny Jordan Business Strategist

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