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Learn 3 Steps That Will Start Making You Money Today

Learn 3 Steps That Will Start Making You Money Today


Learn 3 Steps That Will Start Making You Money Today

For those that don’t know I have a little dog called Gemma she is a little Cavoodle and now around 18 months old. I have never been a real dog person until Gemma was on the scene but she won her way into our hearts and we couldn’t think of how our life would be without her.

But as with any new puppy it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, they are really like a new born as she cries when she is left alone at night or she used to when she was just a small pup. Then we had the toilet training and watching for signs to run her outside after a meal so she would get the idea to go outside and not on my new knotted rug!

3 Steps That Will Start Making You Money

She was starting to get better when she started barking at birds that flew over her territory as it was her domain that the birds were on and the noise of her barking drove us crazy. We did everything to deter her, sprayed her with water, scolded her when she started barking. The barking was so bad she literally left the ground with her carrying on.

We came across the dog whisper as a last resort and he laughed at the fact that we sprayed the dog with water as this is a dog that loves water! No one told me that before! He virtually told us that we were the problem not the dog, you see hubby is so soft with the dog and praises it and tells her she is pretty…blah blah

Back to the story the whisperer said that he usually likes to do a plan for the dog but we had gone past the point of no return now and drastic steps were needed. At this stage I have to admit I was a little worried. He went to his van and got a money box you know the el cheapo savings tin you get from the $1 shop. He asked us 10 x 5cent bits and he placed these into the tin and the next step was remarkable….he placed her favourite treat on the floor and when she got near it he shook the can like mad and the sound of the coins in the tin scared her to bits.

All that happens now is that she only needs to look like starting to bark and I reach for the tin and she shuts up! How good is that the perfect solution. Although this measure was new to her into only took a few times for the can to be reached for that stopped her in her tracks.

This got me thinking of all the things that I did without any thinking maybe its eating, maybe its something that we didn’t really want to do but we did it as we knew we were going to get better at doing it until the whole thing was routine.

This is the same as marketing when you have never done it before or you have been following something and not getting results you need to be able to learn and do things more naturally until it is virtually 2nd nature.

If you want success you will need to learn the art of writing blogs and there is no better way to learn it than from someone that does it for a living before it was popular.

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