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Jenny Jordan Internet Marketing Part 2

Jenny  Jordan  Internet  Marketing  Part  2

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Jenny Jordan Internet Marketing Part 2

OK as you started to read about my story things started to backslide after the end of the Halloween season starts to die off I started to get a little panicky as my income was going backwards I felt sure I could see myself at the club again on the membership desk signing up people. I really didn’t want to go back to the club I wanted to make consistent money on theĀ internet through internet marketing .

I purchased another course to build on the knowledge that I already had so I quickly realized you need leads and plenty of them as truly guys its a numbers game. You can use the free ads where you click on their ads and they on use….I found this crappy and low quality leads. As what you are pitching to is other internet marketers that are doing the same as you are! Solos are expensive and a real hit and miss before I found Little Ticket To Wealth this is an ideal way to buy low cost ads and I used these very ads to build my business.

Got the ads now the next thing you will need is how to market those leads and build your list quickly. Getting the right course that have amazing hand holding to get your head around the whole concept of internet marketing. There are many courses on internet marketing that I have done and had various degrees of success but each of them taught me something.

Internet Marketing Part 2

Jenny  Jordan  Internet  Marketing  Part  2

Internet marketing empower the network

I learnt how to make a funnel and what that means is that you have a small priced item that you market to your list and each day you send another email always pitching to what people want and need and solve their problems that is the secret! One of the funnels that I set up was with a product that people all need and that is PC Backup! I can’t believe people’s lives are on their computer all their work projects etc and won’t spend a few dollars the truth of the matter when people sign up and buy the for $6 you will earn $150 for everyone that signs up each and every time!….. whoo hoo!

In your funnel you should have an MLM product and I am a member of 2 such programs both MLSP and Empower Network both are excellent and have fantastic training. Can you see how building a funnel and having emails that go out every day to the people on your list..This is the most fantastic way to grow your list. Getting things in your funnel the things that solve problems for your readers. Believe me if you solve problems within your funnel you will sell to your list.

Getting back to my story it with the right funnel and training things did all start to fall in place, my list grew as did the number people that purchased something from me if not straight away down the track I had obviously won their trust and probably solved a few of their problems with the products that I promoted.

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