Internet Marketing Don't Do This Or You Will FAIL

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 Internet Marketing Don’t Do This Or Your Will FAIL

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Internet Marketing Don’t Do This Or You Will FAIL

Internet marketing dont’s Do this and you will FAIL and really keep failing.  I spoke about this in the video below as there is a big difference between being busy to being productive and it is an easy trap to fall into…believe me I know!

What you get out of conferences is a real lift cause its great rubbing shoulders with your buddies and being with people who “get you” where as family think that you are off with the fairies and really wish you would get a real job because you really won’t make any money online its all a scam.

Can’t tell you how many time that I have heard this…you get it so much that at times you start to doubt your own ability.  But you never say never…that is the key.

Internet Marketing  Tips

What my video is about below is the frustration that you feel as a marketer when you offer advice and this is flattering to believe that people see you as an authority on the subject.  Which I guess it is flattering…I guess?

I was contact the other day by lets call her “Mary” and she is saying how everyone around her is making money and she is not and does not know what is wrong…blah blah.

The normal question is “are you blogging daily?”  No not really came the reply just every other day as I don’t seem to have time.  Well you need to make time or you will not see results and then I proceeded to tell her of all the pluses in blogging daily and Mary was agreeing with everything I said.  And made a promise she would find the time to blog daily.

All this seemed to go down well and then I see a notice that she is on Facebook and thought she was just going to get on and off quickly but Mary decided to be on Facebook for 1.5 hours!! arrhh

This was the woman that had no spare time – but had the time to spend 1.5hrs on Facebook putting up cartoons and inspiration pieces of information…you see Mary saw herself as busy and she may have been but she definitely was not productive.

There is a big difference and being busy on Facebook which will not bring in you dollars that others are making around you as they are marketing, blogging and other activities to promote their business to make money. Don’t ever get busy confused with being productive as they are completely different.

Probably the best advice I could give is the following:

  • work your day – especially if you work from home
  • put a timer on and just go for it – do your blogs and get they off your to do list
  • if time is short make a video its quicker and you will get ranked quickly even for the harder to get ranked for keywords.

Please don’t spend all your time of activities that don’t make you money and turn off all distractions while you work.  You will find just by doing these simple things you will get more work done as you are productive and it will truly take you half of the time.

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