How To Start Building Your Online Business Empire From The Beginning

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building your online business empire

Building Your Online Business

If you have ever wanted to start building your online business empire from the beginning I am going to go through the steps that I took to ensure that I built a business that would stand the test of time, in other words give the business good foundations to give every chance of success.

Step 1:

Select a domain that would help identify the type of business that you are in.  For instance there is no point selecting a domain name of a car when your business sells handbags.  Having a name that will brand your company and make it easy for your customers to find you are essential.

You will also need a website that has a professional look and is easy to navigate and if you are selling products directly to a customer the site must have a shopping cart.

Have social media buttons on your and a plug-in that connects your site directly with your social media sites for instance Facebook and Twitter.

Step 2:

One of the quickest ways to build your business is through outsourcing tasks that you don’t want to do yourself.  For instance have you someone that will promote you through social media to ensure that you get fans liking your site to build trust and your likeability?

What about setting up your fan page?  It is really worth having the page set up for you to brand yourself and product.

This is something a virtual assistant could possibly do or if your budget it tight you could pay for a task to be done through agencies like O’Desk or

If you outsource the tasks that are mundane like back linking or article submission to directories these are just a few things that you can give to your assistant to do while you concentrate on money making activities for your business.

Step 3:

If you have an Internet Marketing business are you promoting the products that you develop yourself or will you be an affiliate for someone else?

If you have your own products do you have an affiliate site that has tracking and payment for sales for affiliates?  On the affiliate site you will also need banners to promote your business, and a swipe file of emails that can be ready to be sent out by your affiliate.

You will also need good quality information on your site to both educate and entertain your visitors.  To keep the content fresh you will need to regularly update content to ensure that people come back to your site.

The site will also need to be search engine optimization (SEO) friendly to ensure that your site gets ranked quickly by Google and is seen on page one.

For a new site this can take various length of time depending on the keywords you choose.  If it is highly competitive words it may take longer to rank for but it can be done.

Step 4:

How will you market yourself or company? Is it through Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign or perhaps through similar program on Facebook?  Or perhaps you will use paid advertising, which will see quicker results and more sales.

Video marketing is free but as with anything free in advertising it will take time to show results.  So when you are building your online business empire from the start ensure that you have solid foundations for further growth.

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