Five key shifts from selling to Success

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FIVE KEY SHIFTS FROM SELLING TO SUCCESSOne of the first things that throws so many new direct marketing professionals for a loop, and frankly results in their becoming discouraged so quickly, is the mistaken idea that they are supposed to sell or sponsor everyone. These five key shifts from selling to success can refocus and reenergise your business in no time.
It’s important to know your job… and then to do that job well.
Pushy, old-school MLM types are always hounding them to find out “who are you going to sponsor today?” And within a short period of time, they become discouraged, and their self-esteem may even take a hit. So no one wins.
You’re primary job is not to sponsor or sell to everyone with a pulse… And it never was.
Let’s face it, not everyone will have the money right now to buy your product. Some won’t have the time to look at your product. There will be some, for whom your product isn’t even relevant to their needs and wants. And at the end of the day, there are some people who are just too stupid, lazy, or unmotivated to waste your time working with.
So what is your primary job?
Your primary job is to cultivate new relationships every day.
Your primary job is to introduce yourself to 5-10 people every day, with whom you have some common bond. It’s about establishing rapport. It’s about creating that common ground over the next 2-3 weeks that will establish a trust between the two of you, from which that person will naturally get around to asking what you do.
Your primary job is not to worry about your business making something for you, but rather to cultivate the skills every day, and to put them to work consistently, so that your business makes something OF you. When you become a success… a leader… a true entrepreneur… the money always takes care of itself!

Here are FIVE KEY SHIFTS you can make to stop selling and begin cultivating more profitable relationships:

1. Stop worrying about your sales pitch! Which is easier and less stressful: making a sales pitch, or having a conversation about something with whom you have something in common? Replace your quest for people who will sit through a sales pitch with becoming more aware of opportunities to engage folks in light, casual and enjoyable conversations!
2. Shift from a focus that misinforms you that the “ultimate purpose” is to make a sale, to a focus on finding out what challenge, problem or unmet desire your new friend has. Then look for ways in which they can solve their problems (with or without your product). You’ll find that the more you become a problem solver, the more people will be attracted to you, and ask if your product or service can help them as well.
3. Forget the advice to “toughen up and prepare for rejection”. Rejection only arises when you’re in “selling” mode, and trying to force something on someone before they are interested or ready making a buying decision. I avoid rejection by avoiding the sales mode. Instead, I talk about every day things, and when someone asks about my product, I answer in conversational, friendly and general terms. I don’t launch into a sales shpeil. And those who are interested in my service always press-on with more questions. THEY are doing the selling, by asking the questions. I am just providing them with the answers to their own interests.
4. Stop countering objections with pre-written “scripts”. Your prospects will feel like prospects, and will recognise you’re trying to “do something to them”.  Instead, respond by asking questions to try to uncover the reasons for their objections. Where they burned or disappointed before by a similar product? Are they afraid of being locked into a service they might not decide they like? Are they really concerned about the price, and uncomfortable disclosing that?
When you show that you really care more about their reasons for objecting than in defending your product, they soften their resistance and may begin to consider the possibilities that exist for your product to be a good fit for them.
5. Stop talking facts, and talk about FEELINGS. When I introduce a client to my service, I don’t tell them all the features of the blogging platform, or list the various topics of the training and mentoring system. Instead, I say things like, “PICTURE how much easier your life could be, if you really understood how to use this service to ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS… and how good it would FEEL to work with those who feel the same way that you do, about wanting to make a serious change in their lives.”
People are much more readily able to relate to their feelings than with the laundry list of features and benefits you’re spouting off when you’re in selling mode.
Finally… HAVE FUN and develop a PASSION for getting to know people, and learn more about them.
When that becomes your focus, it’s easy to LOVE YOUR JOB. It becomes FUN to get up in the morning, slip on your sandals and shorts and sit at the computer, while you enjoy a cup of tea or bowl of cereal, and make new friends! Some of those friends will one day be part of your business… some won’t. But in the end, if you are genuine, warm, compassionate and willing to listen, they will respect and admire you, and you’ll never know who they might refer to your business down the road.
That is, after all, how I ended up writing a blog post for a sweet woman, and incredibly talented entrepreneurial friend, clear across the world, which you’re reading now!
Have an amazing week!
Guest Blogger:
Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato
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