Fitness for Senior Citizen

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Fitness for Senior Citizen

Fitness for Senior Citizen

Many people argue the reasoning behind fitness for senior citizen. It is normal for loved ones to be concerned about seniors in the family who wish to workout. They are worried about possibility of injury because of a fall or use of heavy equipment while working out.

Some of them do not see the need for fitness for senior citizen. However fitness for senior citizen is even more important than that for young people.

Young people can ignore fitness however seniors do not enjoy the luxury of strong muscles and bones. As an individual begins to age the slow process has various effects on their body.

Ageing leads to drop in secretion of hormones which in turn make vital internal organs weak. Old age also leads to a loss in bone density. Which is why you notice many senior citizens complain of joint pain and tend to hunch when they walk.

Why do you need fitness for senior citizen?

As they grow older they realize that their feet cannot carry their weight due to muscle loss. Muscle loss leads to thinning of arms and legs. A senior citizen then has to depend on a walking cane to support their weight when they move or use a wheel chair.

All of these are effects of ageing and are inevitable however with proper fitness for senior citizen they can strengthen their body to make up for the loss associated with old age.

What fitness for senior citizen isn’t

Fitness for senior citizen would not mean pumping iron and spending hours in the gym. Senior citizens need special exercises which do not exert too much pressure on their body. There are several senior citizens gyms where the gym trainers are certified to look after the fitness needs of senior citizens. Many times some senior citizens cannot work out because of health conditions.

Fitness for senior citizen includes mild exercises which help them strengthen their bones. Simple exercises such as stretching, walking or jogging help them strengthen their cardiovascular system. Fitness for senior citizens also includes a balanced diet with calcium and vitamin rich food which make up for the loss.

For a senior it is never too late and the earlier you begin with a work out the longer you will be able to live a healthy life. It is a simple fact that the stronger your muscles and bones are the lesser the effects of ageing will slow you down over the years. You can also find a number of senior citizens fitness equipment which is specially designed for seniors.

This includes hydraulic machines and resistance bands which help senior citizens workout without the risk of injury.

Besides the major physical benefits that fitness for senior citizen provides it also helps them psychologically. Senior citizens sometime suffer memory loss and some workouts are now being designed to exercise the mind while you exercise your body.

Working out together gives senior citizens a chance to meet other people their age and interact. That sure beats sitting at home in a rocking chair and reading about the world in the newspaper. Fitness for senior citizen gives them something to look forward to and makes them feel good about themselves.

As mentioned earlier ageing has it effects on vital organs and tends to weaken them. The sedentary lifestyle that most senior citizens are left to live makes them prone to cardiac problems. Fitness for senior citizen ensures that seniors can get a good cardiovascular workout and keep their heart and blood circulation system healthy.

It is never too late to begin as fitness for senior citizen helps them improve their balance, flexibility and strength. Fitness for senior citizen is the key to a long and healthy life through the golden years.  To see you making jam money as my Mother used to tell me click here to see how blogging can make you money online click the button below and see how easy it is.

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