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First Steps to MarketingFirst Steps to Marketing

Every business entrepreneur should know the first steps to marketing their product in an effective manner.  When funds (no matter how large or small your budget is) are allocated in a responsible manner, marketing could be an important investment to your success.

When you market your product effectively, you will grab the attention of your potential clients and turn them into longtime customers.  How you market has a direct effect on how you price something, the amount of sales you generate and ultimately your bottom line.

Market Research should be one of the first steps to marketing:

Market Research is important to your business because it provides you with valuable information as to what your target audience is looking for, what their buying habit are, income level, age and gender.  This information will allow you put a plan in place that is not only cost effective, but also will generate positive results.

Without doing your first steps to marketing which should be research, you are marketing in the blind and wasting valuable time and money.  If you don’t understand why people make certain purchases and how you can make a direct impact on their decision making process, you will be lost in a sea of competition that does understand this concept.

A good Marketing Plan will be your roadmap to success; it will keep you on track and when you follow a well laid plan, will avoid distractions that will cost you time, money and possibly future business growth.  A marketing plan or strategy will help you define your goals and develop activities to achieve them; this process should take you a couple of hours to create.  Start with just 90 days at a time, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Use it and revisit it every 3 to 4 months to see what is working and what needs to be revised to bring you more customers and revenue.

Others, who have achieved success with marketing (whether online or not), may offer you new and creative ways to market your idea/product that you had not considered.  Get motivated and inspired from others, listen to their stories.  Use all your resources, both traditional and the newest technology.  Word of mouth has been an effective marketing tool for years, but it is much slower than today’s social media network marketing.

When you have a solid foundation and the first steps to marketing are in place, you are well on your way to a successful and financially profitable business.

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