Speaking Events Coming Up – Bali  April 1-5 – Outsourcing Is Vital for Your Business To Grow

Places that I have been to:
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Events for your diary:

June 28 – This all day seminar was held in Dural in Sydney and all participants raved about this event!  They were able to put into action the very next day what they learned.

See some of the video testimonials below:



July 2014 Home Business Summit – Sydney 11-13 July

Here I am I will be speaking at the Sydney event

Sydney 11-13 July v
Internet Millionaires come together to share their “insider secrets” and…

If You Leave This “LIVE EVENT” Not Knowing What You Need To Do To Make $100,000 In The Next 12 Months…

I Will Pay For Your Ticket Out Of My Own Pocket!“

By request I have been asked by Sydney businesses and some very confused and overwhelmed marketers.  The whole day event was based on the things that were holding them back and not allowing them to get to the next level.

Businesses applauded the fact that I was able to share gold nuggets that gave them the edge over their competitors.

Don’t miss this event at all CONTACT ME ASAP the event will be held in the CBD.

May 2014

In May 2014 I will be attending the Platinum Mastermind held in Costa Rica.
I would love for you to come with me to learn gold nuggets from industry leaders
the best leaders in the world.

Want to meet me there?  Get in touch with me either here or better still
go straight to the Platinum Mastermind page and register your interest.

September 2014

Details coming on Bali – coming soon

2013 Hi-lights

MOBE Titanium Event – Cabo San Lucas Mexico

 Phuket Thailand Reality Show “Orphanage – Giving Back Jar”

I was asked to spend a week in a mansion I learned cutting edge tactics from top Internet marketers
that live in Thailand.  In this episode we got to play with the children in the orphanage.

 Phuket Thailand Reality Show last episode “Fun Jar”

This episode showed me that in any business that needs to be time for fun as what are we work for if we are not able to have fun!

MOBE Platinum Event “Fiji”

This was the first Platinum mastermind that I attended with 100 other top of the range
Internet marketers and saw the likes of Deagan Smith, Nik Halik, Vince Reed, Michael Oliver and Fredric Lehrman range of other presenters.

 MOBE Live Event Sydney – Jenny Jordan & Jo Botting

We decided to hold the first ever MOBE event in Sydney to share some
of the things that were working well in our business.  This was a very successful event
now there is plans to do a lot more of these events around Australia.

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