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Empower Network Conference San Diego

I am very excited to be now going to be going to the Empower Network Conference in San Diego in September because I want to drink in the atmosphere and rub shoulders with those that have made their mark in the industry.

A lot of the time you will read about these people who really do an awesome job with their home business and they all sound real but to see them in the flesh will be so powerful.  There will be times where you will be on a break and you may very well have a chat with David Woods…that will be cool he is the type of person who I am sure drinks red bull or cordial everyday before he goes to work.  He has so much energy and enthusiasm for his baby…Empower Network.

Its funny with internet marketing though there is a lot of knockers who don’t really know what you are about especially family.  They know absolutely nothing but still feel free to add comments about something they have no knowledge about!  I am sure you are probably nodding when i am saying this.  There are so many negative comments at times you decide to not mention what you are working on for fear of been talked down.  So you really become a closet marketer until you are able to show some decent money that you have made as proof of your online success through Empower Network.

I remember hearing a similar story from Russell Brunson how when he was just starting out and how when he gathered for a family dinner his siblings would tell him to get a real job and stop wasting his hard earned money on courses that are useless.  Now some 3 years later half of his family or extended family work for him!  How crazy is that???  If it was me in the same situation I would doubt very much if I could work along side my brother….I would kill him (sorry bro – I am sure it goes both ways!)

What I want personally out of the conference?  I want to develop contacts of like minded people, pick their brains and come away with a few more strategies that I will test.  Believe me you won’t get that from a video, you won’t get that atmosphere that will get you off your seat clapping and laughing.

And the persons that I want to meet and the Dave & Dave behind the masterminds behind Empower Network, how awesome will that be!

I am sure the 20 hours+ plane flight will be all worthwhile, really hope that others will join me on the flight across to the other side of the world.  Plus the cliff hanger – doesn’t all cliff hangers make you want to come back and find out more??  David Woods says that he will share something with you at the conference as you need to sign a form before you can enter the conference it must be a biggy!

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