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Develop a Reading HabitHi everyone it is the Jenny Jordan show. I just wanted to talk to you about the last time you picked a book. I know there are not going to be a lot of us because most of the time we tend to be sidetracked with life. However, reading is just like any other habit. It takes time to form a habit but once you develop the habit of reading it can be very beneficial.

Now what I have got into the habit of doing is going to bed a little bit earlier than normal and I grab a book. It is quite easy in winter and it’s the season we are in at the moment. Once I grab a book and start reading it actually relaxes me and it reinforces a few things. I might pick up some motivational tips from what am reading, even though that is not what I am reading at the moment.

I had something that was sent to me by TJ Rolda and he actually has a book named “The Ruthless Marketing Attack”. You need to get yourself a copy of that or a Kindle or something like that and start to read. As for me, I put the book besides my bed and I may only get through a couple of pages before I start to feel sleepy.

But this is much better for you than sitting in front of a computer and things are popping up, making your brain alive. You start to look at emails, you start to look at what’s happening on Facebook and a number of other sites. This can be so involving and cannot promote a good sleep for you, whereas turning of everything and keeping that iPhone away from your side table is another thing.

I am not perfect and I am guilty of looking at my phone when it is buzzing on the side table and I know most of us normally do the same. This distracts your sleep which is not good since you need to sleep enough so as to get enough rest and hence feel refreshed. Getting enough rest will help you start a new day with great energy and will make you very productive.

So what I would like to encourage you is to develop the habit of reading daily. Just a few pages or a chapter a day can be very beneficial and will help you develop the habit of reading.

This is Jenny Jordan, bye for now.

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