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coaching session People when they actually get to the stage where they need coaching sessions they have either had a go at internet marketing and not getting anywhere fast with fact they may have stuck with it for a number of years and still not made more than a few dollars.

Which types do I like best for coaching sessions:

So they come to the realization that they need help. To be honest I love these type of clients as they have now decided that they know MLM or internet marketing will work but just not had either the right information or they have not able to have all the pieces to the puzzle to make it work.  They are certainly not quitters and are there for the long run.

Then there is the other type of client the ones that I relate to as totally green but keen.  The stumbling block for these clients is that they are suffering from complete overload to the point that it is causing them stress as they do not know what to do first…some stop in their tracks and don’t move on and put it in the too hard basket while others just keep buying products and hope one of them will give them the blueprint to make money online.

I can still remember the early days some 5 years back when I would come home after working a 2nd job to bring money in and desperately wanted to learn internet marketing.  I would open the latest course that I was learning and in those days to get a site up online you would need to have to know FTP and a little HTML and honest I would try to do this and would bawl my eyes out as I couldn’t get this to happen.

How the wrong coaching sessions can destroy you:

This mind you this was supposed to be so simple or so I was told.  Hearing this made me just feel plain stupid as I didn’t get it!  But I would not give up and once I got over this stumbling block I would move on to the next thing I knew nothing about, and would again stumble, but I always got up and dusted myself down to start again.  But the thing that I would like to pass on is that you never give up you keep on moving and taking massive action.

Luckily today to get a wordpress site up you can do this in moments and ready to show the world you new site.  It just doesn’t have to be perfect – that is another kicker too.  People fiddle with things that don’t make money, having a pretty site does not mean that you will make money.  I have seen the opposite of ugly sites making more money it’s the layout of the site and the content on it that matters.

The biggest takeaway I found is that you master one thing before moving on to the next and whatever that you learn put into practice.  I can’t tell you how many people do not do this and therefore can become permanent students.

Getting back to the overwhelmed client they are overwhelmed as they are comparing themselves to others that have been marketing for years, they see the results that the experienced marketer has then beat themselves up for not getting the same result.

Without coaching sessions what happens is that the “newbie” will either make an effort to keep up with following courses to the end or they could easily get the “shiny object syndrome” where they like the spiel that the online marketer gives them and automatically reaches for their credit card to buy the product.

What will happen is that the newbie will become even more overwhelmed and confused as the course they just had to have has either a different method of doing something or the course itself is too advanced for the newbie…or I hate to say it but the course is utter garbage!

Can I let you in on a little secret?  Everyone but everyone benefits from having coaching sessions or a mentor in order to get to the next level of their internet marketing career.  Why?  Because the person that coaches you will save you money..

Never underestimate what coaching sessions can do for you:

If you are wanting to question why paying for coaching sessions will save you money it’s because you are paying for their experience as someone that will fast track you through the internet marketing system and have you making money sooner.

Rather than you take years of making mistakes and trying to figure this out for yourself, you are given a blueprint of what to do and why you are doing something.  This alone is invaluable.

The classic mistakes that people make:

  • Think they need to know everything at once
  • Try to learn too many systems and strategies without mastering any
  • Buy products and tools before they know if they need them or if they are suitable for the level that they are at.
  • Becoming professional students and not taking any action.

If you are looking for coaching sessions the thing you are looking for is if the coach has the experience that you are looking for.  For instance can they walk the walk meaning have they been marketing online for long and have achieved results?

I say this as quiet a number say that they can coach but have never had any success online…which is a worry as I have no clue how they can help you when they can’t help themselves!

Then there is personality, are you going to be able to relate to the person giving the coaching sessions?  Are they someone you can be totally honest with and you will put into practice what they are telling you to do?

Look at your coach and how they have invested in their own education, do they go to seminars, are they being mentored themselves and if they are by whom/

If you can say that you are able to do this then you are coachable!  Take the next step and get your coaching sessions organised and do what it takes to learn everything you can from this person.

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