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Business Mentoring Coaching

Business Mentoring Coaching

Who needs business mentoring coaching? If you said you don’t you are entirely wrong!  If you are serious about your business in a competitive world you need this type of leg up like yesterday!

I can tell you now that all big CEO’s including Donald Trump, Presidents, small business owners all have the one thing in common they all have business mentoring coaching.

You see there is mentoring that is done when you find someone that will hand hold you and support you and they can give you guidance to questions that you have at the back of your mind about your business.

What does a business mentoring coach do?

 The business mentoring coach will look at your business closely and see what is not working for you while other parts of your business he may look at ways to cut back expenses to make you more money on the bottom line.  He will then devise a plan and work with your to achieve the results you are after.

OK, for instance an internet marketing business is big money once it is running like a greased machine and all the parts are working smoothly.  To get the business booming and on the right track there are many parts of the IM puzzle that needs to fit together.

Now I am not saving that the person without a business mentoring coach will not get over the line and make money online.  What I am saying is that the difference between not having a coach and having a coach could fast track your business to months rather than working it out for yourself.

What To Look For In A Business Marketing Coach

 First thing you should be looking for is for someone that can walk the walk and talk the talk, and that means that you want someone that has made at least six figures online.

A person who has a desire to help you to get to the next level and has the time to put in to give you the advise you need.
Also, the person should be making a plan with you on what you need to do now to start making perhaps their first money online.

Self Education

 I believe that people should never stop learning, to keep their brain fit and to continually learn.  I look at business marketing coach as someone that will enrich my life and take me to the next level quickly.

How much will you pay?  It will depend on the education that you get.  If you start UNI in Australia you take out a student loan which will cover all of tuition while you are there.  But it really leaves a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach to get a bill that will take many years to decrease.

The question should always be how much are you prepared to pay for the education that has the possibility of doubling the money that you are currently earning.

Reality check

 Although this sounds great and everyone wants to do well BUT unless you have a burning desire to make it and take action you will not get off first base.  If you are not prepared to give yourself a whole year to really make a difference to your outcomes…you are kidding yourself if you think anything will actually change in your life.

Mindset is the glue

 Your mindset is the reason that you will be successful.  Be extremely grateful for the life of abundance you currently have use your mind to experience and see the success that is before you.  Close your eyes and run this scene over and over again as your mind can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction and it will assume that the video you are replaying is actually fact.

So this is the end of business mentoring coach article and you should now know what you need to be doing, so do it!

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