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Have you ever considered doing a Bali Mastermind? Well you need to read on…

I have signed up on many online courses and have traveled the world to attend masterminds in far away and exotic places. One of the most beautiful things is that you get the chance to network with amazing people and many years later you count the ones that touched you in some way as dear friends.

When I go to events there is always the excitement that you will meet up with friends again or the one that you would like to meet up can’t go this time but promise they will come along next time.

At the event there is always the excitement of getting your seat and claiming it as your own for the entire conference – we tend to get a little territorial! We sit down and get numb bums from sitting so long unless they make us do star jumps to wake us up.

Normally though, you will sit through all the heroes that you have followed and learnt from them what they are doing now that has made them zillions, at the end of the present value packed presentation you are pitched to of the must have tool or software to get the same results or better…sound familiar?

I know like you and I they are there to make a buck but what gets up my nose is the amount of pitching that goes on not one or two but try ten pitches is crazy, and if that is not bad enough in the room you get stalls outside of the event too.

Sorry regressing for a moment what I was getting to is that over 2 day event the information is awesome and its value packed and you can start to give yourself a high five of the things your going to do when you get home. Still sounding familiar?

The time that you have completed the event your head is about to explode your energy levels are high and your full of excitement and can’t wait to get home to put all of these great ideas into action. With all of the good intentions you get home and may open the copious amounts of notes you took and breeze over them if you are lucky.

Chances are you left the dream and plans back at the event with not a chance in hell of implementing one thing.


A friend of mine Drew Innes and Scott Smith had a dream of putting together a value packed event that would not have you pitched to over and over again…Yay! Instead they are having an event that will be different…why I hear you say?

It’s because there will be no cushy seats sitting up the back of the room you will be in the trenches with them! Here you will be shown all the moving pieces of your business does not matter what it is they will be with you putting together an amazing high converting sales funnel, blogs will be done for you, branding videos to get your face out there.

Doesn’t that sound really cool?

This will be taken away from the stresses of everyday life and held in a 5 star resort in tropical Bali. If that is not enough they will be footing the bill for your food and drinks.

Did I mention that I will be there as well? Oops for got that one. I am there to talk to you about outsourcing and how to use your virtual assistants so that you work less and earn more.

Although I am busting to tell you there is a secret couple of guests that will be joining us – more on that in another article.

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