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Importance of backlinking


How backlinking are enter-related

Backlinking is not difficult to do and the importance of backlinking is what will gain the reputation you desire for your site.  Linking, simply put, is a link on another external website that will be directed back to your site; in turn creating more traffic to your site.

In Google’s eyes it is a vote from another site that says your site is trustworthy and popular, it is then important to get your votes (backlinks) from high ranking trusted sites.  For instance Youtube video is a page rang 9 out of 10!

The content of your site is important, but so is the quality of backlinks.  It is not only about having many backlinks on your site, but also the origin of the link.  Your website does not have to be an authority on a specific subject (such as weight loss or internet marketing mentorship); but to gain a high ranking (on Google or another popular search engine) you can have your ranking pushed up by backlinking to sites written by doctors or others that are respected and considered to be an expert in a particular field.  This will show the public, as well as the search engines, that your site is worth a browse and to sign up for a newsletter or something else that you are offering your target audience.

Acquiring quality backlinking tools
I can write an entire 500 page book on this topic as it does not have an uncomplicated answer.  There are a lot of ways to acquire quality backlinks and each method will require an investment of your time to thoroughly learn each one and to apply the technique.  We have compiled a list, for you, of effective ways to acquire backlinks.

They are, but not limited to: Press releases, bookmarking, commenting on forums and blogs, distributors of software, profile backlinks, marketing via videos, and podcast directories.  If you are looking for automated ways to get backlinking which is quick and simple I don’t think you can go past Tribepro.  I have found this easy to use tool an excellent way to get quality backlinks that is a real time saveer.

A quick example would be if and when you leave a comment on a site and it is accepted, a link to your site is now on someone else’s site.  Commenting is important, so make it intelligent and helpful or just say “thank you”.  Positive comments will increase your chances of getting linked to the site.

Any search engine is unable to give you credit for a site link if they are unaware of your existence.  Indexing “puts you on the map” so to speak.  Getting your site indexed is easy and free if you use a bookmarking tool and/or “pinging” (which alerts a search engine that you have uploaded new material to your site and basically asks them to visit and check it out).

The World Wide Web is controlled by humans and search engines respond appropriately to our on-line movements and this is the basic importance of backlinking.

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