5 Years to GROW a Bamboo Tree – Will It Take You That Long to Break Through?

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Many people would see that if we go out to the garden day in day out to water, weed and feed a patch of dirt knowing one day you will have a beautiful bamboo tree where outsiders can not see anything at all for all the work we do would say that we are watering a piece of dirt and think that we are crazy!

They do not know when the bamboo breaks through the ground at the 5 year mark it can shoot up 10-12 feet in one day! BUT those close to us ridicule or don’t support us when we are also working below ground level knowing what we are doing to split test and try different things in our business to succeed where others see we are wasting our time or worst failures.

Many people struggle in business can not afford to wait 5 years they will not have the cash flow to survive. That is why you need help to fast track your business making the money you promised yourself you would make. How much easier would it be if you were helped through a business blueprint to have someone to tell you honestly what you need to do to be able to steer your business to be back on track to make it successful.

At this point you have 2 things you could do #1 you could just continue you on the same path and do nothing and know that NOTHING will change OR #2 you can make a decision to say enough is enough and get someone that is successful that can tell you things that you may not want to hear BUT know that once implemented that it will make the money it is suppose to make.

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